Tell Us About Your Mentor!

2018 marks BBBSCI’s 50th Anniversary. During the month of January (National Mentoring Month), we want you to “Tell Us About Your Mentor.”

Help us kick off our 50th Anniversary by participating in this social media fundraising campaign.

Please share on social media and challenge three of your followers to do the same, just complete the steps below.

Please read through all the steps before getting started.
Step 1: Make a donation in honor of your mentor.
Step 2: Think of a creative or heartfelt way to share about your mentor. Then make a brief video telling about your mentor and challenge 3 friends to do the same.
Step 3: Copy and paste the following text to include in your social media post, along with your video:
January is National Mentoring Month! I made a donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa for its 50th Anniversary in honor of (name your mentor) who is (or was) my mentor. I challenge 3 friends (remember to tag them in this post) to also make a donation to BBBSCI: and a video telling us about your mentor to share on your social media accounts. #bbbsci50 #tellusaboutyourmentor
Step 4: Make sure to like us on Facebook and tag us in your post.
Step 5: Click post. Thank you for supporting central Iowa youth and mentoring!


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