January is National Mentoring Month!

January is National Mentoring Month. What if this year, instead of standing at our desks, we promised to stand up? Or think not just about changing our careers, but changing lives? Because when you become a Big, you won’t just change your Little’s life, you’ll change your own. So go ahead, don’t just take the stairs more- step up. Sign up to become a mentor today: http://www.bbbsia.org/be-a-big/.

Join us in the world’s biggest game of tag: #TheBigResolution.

Spread the word so that even more Littles can get a Big on their side. Tag 5 friends on social media, and share why you think they have what it takes to make #TheBigResolution. Ask them to tag 5 of their own friends to keep the game going.

Thank you for being a Defender of Potential!

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