Happy Match Anniversary!

Happy Match Anniversary to our October and November matches celebrating another year together!

Big’s Name Little’s Name Years Matched
Big Teresa Driscoll Little Katie 10 Years
Big Dawn Evans Little Aaliya 9 Years
Big Duo Susanne & Donald David Little Avi 7 Years
Big Tahaun Fountain Little Maurice 6 Years
Big Mary Christopher Little Mireya 5 Years
Big Christina Risewick Little Adileny 5 Years
Big Duo Natalie & Cori Caldwell Little Audrie 4 Years
Big Leslie Cleveland Little Emily 4 Years
Big Thomas Miller Little Daveion 4 Years
Big Katie Fraser Little Evelyn 4 Years
Big Dawn Martin Little Gabby 4 Years
Big Nate Nielsen Little Blake 4 Years
Big Duo Quinn & Katy Hildman Little Trayton 3 Years
Big Silla Blades Little Beonica 3 Years
Big Bill Eddy Little Kingston 3 Years
Big Duo Michael & Paula Venema Little Robert 3 Years
Big Natalie Herman Little Sarah 3 Years
Big Jana Davis Little Hannah 3 Years
Big Bobbie Jo Sheridan Little Mya 3 Years
Big Avery Neer Little Sa’Niya 3 Years
Big Sterling Smith Little Adebayor 2 Years
Big Jack Brokaw Little Titan 2 Years
Big Carla Castle Little Miguel 2 Years
Big Olivia Gorman Little Valontria 2 Years
Big Tanner Mote Little Quincy 2 Years
Big Deborah Rasley Little Amya 2 Years
Big Tony Biondi Little Dante 2 Years
Big Nicholas Graeve Little Evan 2 Years
Big Maddie Lee Little Amari Rose 2 Years
Big Amanda Hosier Little Zaina 2 Years
Big Kyle Webb Little Owen 1 Year
Big Shelly Lacy Little Keyonna 1 Year
Big Matthew Callanan Little Kaison 1 Year
Big Elizabeth Proctor Little Jaliyah 1 Year
Big Carly Correll Little Kamree 1 Year
Big Travis Small Little Drew 1 Year
Big Jamie Leathers Little Naziyah 1 Year
Big Haley Sampson Little Mya 1 Year
Big Timothy Johnston Little Xavier 1 Year
Big Andrew Root Little Azarious 1 Year
Big Grace Austin Little Olive 1 Year
Big Duo Brady Kerwin & Natalie Jones Little Jack 1 Year
Big Connor Littlefield Little TraySean 1 Year
Big Justin Sachs Little Oscar 1 Year
Big Lauren Eddy Little Ali 1 Year
Big Carlin Situmeang Little Carlos 1 Year
Big Daniel Smith Little Dylan 1 Year
Big Aida Alibasic Little Trishae 1 Year
Big Christy Steffen Little Zoe 1 Year
Big Julie Russell Little McKenna 1 Year
Big Nathan Paulsen Little Victor 1 Year
Big Capris Quaites Little Jae’Ciara 1 Year
Big Alise Miller Little Monica 1 Year
Big Allie Smaha Little Darianna 1 Year
Big Emily Schmidt Little Irie 1 Year
Big Alexa Pitz Little Joyce 1 Year
Big Amanda Werts Little James 1 Year
Big Lucille Gee Little Caydance 1 Year
Big Melissa Knutson Little Camryn 1 Year
Big Eric Fleharty Little Gabriel 1 Year
Big Kiley Skadburg Little Anna 1 Year
Big Joshua Haldeman Little Griffin 1 Year
Big Emily Priewe Little Adalyn 1 Year
Big Duo Eva Morgan & Wade Steinke Little Cedric 1 Year
Big Heather Fronk Little Amanda 1 Year
Big Mackenzie Veldman Little Janea 1 Year
Big Aimee Rodin Little Jadie 1 Year
Big Bree Brown Little Liberty 1 Year
Big Nicole George Little Dennis 1 Year
Big Hannah Yackley Little Isabel 1 Year
Big Laura Alt Little LeahGwen 1 Year
Big Mark Gelbman Little Connor 1 Year
Big Nicky Carpenter Little Kyla 1 Year

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