Match Spotlight: Matthew and John

Matthew Sorensen has been matched with his Little Brother John for 7 years through the Community-Based Mentoring Program. Since turning 14, John had expressed to Matthew an interest in getting his first job to make some extra money but wasn’t exactly sure how to best go about things. Matthew spent time talking with John about what type of job he’d like to have and helped him look for openings.  They also practiced how to interview for a job, including things such as handshakes, eye contact, how to dress for an interview and business etiquette. Matthew even went with John to help him get a “make over” of sorts, including some new, professional clothes, and a haircut. After they were done, Matthew felt he saw John’s self-confidence grow and knew he was ready for his interview. On top of all this, John has even started talking about starting to save money by opening a bank account and learning how to budget.  All of these things have been encouraged and supported by his Big Brother Matthew. And we’re happy to say, that John did in fact get the job and will be working at Adventureland this summer!

Helping a young person work on skills that will help them throughout their life is a BIG part of being a mentor. Often times it’s through simple things like what Matthew did for John. If you or someone you know are interested in helping impact a child by preparing them for life, contact Danielle Kuhn, Volunteer & Recruitment Coordinator, at [email protected] or 515-288-9025 x227.

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