Little Big Virtual Academy

The purpose of the Little Big Virtual Academy is to keep Littles and Bigs connected during times of physically distancing. When matches might not be able meet in-person, they can continue to communicate and interact via phone and computer. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Iowa team has compiled a list of fun and interactive activities and resources for Littles and Bigs to do together- check them out below!

STEM Activity Kits:
We have exciting STEM activity kits available for you and your Little:
-Hover Racer- Watch your Hover Racer skim smoothly across the floor supported on its cushion of air. Learn the science facts behind the hovercraft.
-Table Top Robot- Assemble a smart robotic crab which can detect the edges of any platform and make swift turns to avoid falling off.
-Motorized Robot Hand- Compose a rhythm and program this robot hand to play it for you.

Have fun while building your kit together virtually or in-person. If interested, please email Tony at [email protected] for your kit.
Please include which kit you are interested in.

*Special thank you to Variety - the Children's Charity for their generous support of the Little Big Virtual Academy.*